Things You Should Know

Our Guarantee
We guarantee the quality of the work exhibited here and we feel confident that you will be pleased with the 'real' product. Even so, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money without question. In the case of Doreen Foster's etchings, each print will vary to some degree due to the fact that the artist hand colours each print.
Prices on the website are in Canadian dollars. Current rate of exchange will apply.
Purchase of original art does not give the buyer the right to reproduce the work in any form - print, television, internet, photocopy, etc. The copyright of the work belongs to the artist or their estate. We trust that the artist's copyright will be respected.
Buying Art
Prices of all work is listed, however, shipping and taxes vary and can only be calculated based on a number of factors - location, country, size of work, framed, unframed, etc. Please contact us by email or phone to request all charges. Shipping unframed paper work will be best sent in a mailing tube.
The work is carefully and adequately packaged an insured for shipment (courier, post, air, land). Please note that we do not ship large pieces framed with glass but, if you want our frame, we will remove the glass and adjust the price accordingly.
We will discuss shipping arrangements for works sent to Canadian destinations.