The word "batik" means writing in wax and has become a generic term for the art of wax painting on fabric. Sylvia uses a combination of beeswax and paraffin wax, heated and applied to cloth with either a brush or the ancient 'tjanting' pen – a small, funnel-shaped copper pot on a wooden handle. Usually working from the lightest colours to the darkest, the wax acts as a resist to the vibrant coloured dyes already applied.

Sylvia was introduced to the art of batik while living in Kingston, Ontario but it was the return to beautiful Prince Edward Island that produced the passion. The fields, gardens and waters around her provide ample subject matter for her work. Through carefully selected snapshots of life in a rural environment, she reminds us how serene, precious and beautiful nature can be; and how the smaller picture can sometimes be the more important picture.



Cast From The Sea